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Y'know, I think that part of the appeal of Mary-Sue characters in fanfic isn't just the self-projection of putting oneself into the story. The freedom of adding a new character and viewpoint to established continuity, in and of itself, is really a delight.

I'm most of the way done with writing the characters for Girl Genius, and today's project is one of the two characters that is really invented -- closely related to the GG universe, but *wildly* out of continuity. And I have to say, it's my favorite character of the whole game. Getting to really cut loose and write someone the way that *I* want, without having to work within the constraints of a well-established character, is wonderfully freeing. It has its own challenges (in particular, making sure the character is constructed to play well despite not being tied into the relationship web as well as the rest), but it's a lot of fun...
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