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Everything I needed to know, I learned from Kent Beck...

Sometimes, the programming background comes in handy in surprising ways. For instance, today I am finding that the engineering discipline of "Get your damned ego out of the code" is proving very useful. One of the hardest engineering practices to learn, and one of the most important, is the ability to step back from your code and look at it as if someone completely unrelated to you had written it, so you can objectively examine its flaws without feeling crushed by them.

The game being over, it's time for a really critical re-examination of it. It was good enough that I think I will eventually want to re-run it, but not so good as to let me re-run it in its current state. I'd personally give the game a solid B overall -- good, but could use work. My take on it (having really a very limited view as a GM -- the players probably have a much clearer idea of what happened than I do) is that about half the characters and plots are pretty solid, a quarter or so are good but need refinement, and maybe a fifth should be scrapped/rewritten. Which isn't bad, but can't be brushed off, and if I don't write it all down now, we'll simply forget.

So as part of wrapping things up, I'm taking extensive notes on what to change for next time. I encourage all players to send me commentary of what you liked and didn't like in the game, and (more importantly) what did and did not work. Please do that privately, so as not to spoil things for people who haven't played yet. If you'd like to respond to this posting, I've turned on screening so that you can do so here; I'll unscreen any comments that seem to be relatively spoiler-free...
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