Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Missed by *that* much...

(That subject line should be read in one's best Maxwell Smart voice.) And here I thought that, just for once, I was going to get through the winter without getting sick at all. No such luck.

Just got word from the doctor's office that it isn't flu, which is nice; that just means that it's some ill-defined and hard-to-treat viral infection, though. It wouldn't even really be that bad (I'm feeling moderately crappy, but I've been worse), but they assured me that, so long as I'm this symptomatic, I'm probably quite contagious, and shouldn't be around people. So the past half-hour has been calling and emailing around, dealing with my various commitments over the next couple of days. Dance practice tonight will be run by Mara, with help from ladysprite; I strongly encourage folks to go, it being the week before Black Rose. (God only knows what we're going to do about tomorrow morning's meeting at work.)

Oh, well. I can console myself with the fact that, while there is no *good* time to get sick, this is probably the least *bad* week for it that I've had in several months -- between work and the game, pretty much any previous time since November would have been much worse. For a change, I'm fairly commitment-light right now. I just hope I'm healthy again in time to go to the event: Black Rose is always one of my favorites...
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