Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

SCA meme

The only memes I really like are the ones where you get to really say something about yourself.  So let's do this one:

1. What/when was your first event?

Ladies' Champion Tourney (the event that would later become Falling Leaves), 1983.  The first event I should have gone to, but didn't make it to because I was still starting out, was the decoronation of Vis and Mara; I've always regretted never getting to see them on the throne.

2. What was your first war?

Pennsic XIII.  I was attached to GRAPE (the Greater Aldean Pennsic Expedition), in a teeny little gnome-dome.  I had a great time, learning the ropes from the members of GRAPE and getting to meet folks like fitzw and kfitzwarin (no relation -- I hadn't noticed the similarity of name until just now).

3. What is your favorite part of an event/war?

Hmm.  Really, helping out.  I'm always a little lost unless I'm helping in some fashion.  Nowadays, that often takes the form of teaching, whether it be games, dance or something else.

4. What A&S skill/talent do you have or wish you had?

I have moderate skill at dance.  I really ought to have at least a little skill at sewing; I'll have to fix that, one of these years.

5. Why did you choose the elements of your Coat of Arms/device?

I didn't -- my apprentices chose my device for me, incorporating a couple of visual puns.  (The two hearts are "deux coeur", and while the line of division is technically indented, we've always pretended it's dancetty.)

6. Favorite SCA song?

Varies day by day, sometimes hour by hour.  For the moment, I'll say Aed of Avigdor's "Court Song".

7. Favorite garb?

The ducal outfit that jtdiii made for me for The Tempest.  I only wear it for special occasions, but it always gets comments.

8. Best advice received/given?

My current most-frequent advice is, "SCA Survival Rule #1: If it's not fun, don't do it."

9. What is one thing you would like to change about the SCA?

Reverse the constant tendency towards excessive centralization.  It's a natural behaviour for any bureaucratic entity, but I think it's very slowly stifling the club.

10. Why do you do this hobby?

I came for the weirdness; I stayed for the people.  (And it doesn't hurt that it provides endless opportunities for learning new things...)
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