Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The disadvantages of the 'burbs

Humph. Having gotten a call from someone yesterday morning who was looking for a ride to hfcougar's birthday party today, and expecting a call back from them this morning, I'm taking a look at the subway maps. They're ruefully amusing. Our new house is exactly equally inconvenient to every subway stop on the map, it seems. According to Google Maps, it is 23-24 minutes' drive to *every* subway stop I can think of. Riverside, Alewife, Sullivan Station, Wellington -- they're all about 23 minutes. Oak Grove, which is actually the closest, takes 25 minutes because it requires farting around in Malden.

*Sigh*. The buses run much closer, but I'm not going to ask anyone to take the bus and walk a mile or wait in the rain on a foul day like today. But I may call around and see if I can co-ordinate a pickup with someone who lives closer to the T...

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