Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Weekend Summary

That was fun. One of the oddest parts of buying our house was that we were explicitly shopping for a good place to hold parties. We tended to confuse the realtors a little with the fact that, for instance, we didn't care in the slightest about the school system but wanted parking for 50. So hfcougar's birthday party was a fine excuse to use the house for its intended purpose, and despite being driven indoors by the crappy weather, everyone fit comfortably. Being able to seat a dozen or so people in the living room in civilized chairs, without packing them in cheek-by-jowl, is still one of the best changes from the old house.

As for yesterday, I'll just say that that was the Spiffiest Coronation Ceremony Evar. We were originally skeptical about Their Majesties getting so hot under the collar about finding a really beautiful site, but it was worth it: the ceremony was elegant, pompous in the best sense, and deliciously period, and being able to hold it in a huge faux-stone sanctury really completed the effect. The church was built the same year as msmemory's home church, the Golden Hill site where 12th Night was held; our best guess is that it probably had the same architects, because they are astonishingly similar buildings. Like Golden Hill, the sanctuary is sumptuous, and has great acoustics -- the "Vivats" resounded powerfully...
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