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Went to see X-2 last night. Capsule summary: not brilliant, but not half bad. Warning -- this is the ramble of an old-guard X-fan...

  • They got Nightcrawler almost dead-on right. My only complaint is that Kurt really should be a bit more exuberant, but I'll cut them some slack: he was a stranger in a strange land in this movie. The opening fight scene was fabulous, really capturing the sheer chaos of trying to fight an agile teleporter.

  • Jean gets to be very cool.

  • The chemistry between Jean and Logan continues to sizzle. The triangle with Scott actually works better than it ever did in the comic.

  • Getting to see Pyro as a young psychopath in training was rather interesting, and true to my imagination of the character.

  • As many have observed, this felt like it had a bad case of "middle movie syndrome". It was fun, but it wandered a bit, with a tone that was high-pitched but a little monotone. It felt very much like it was all setup for the next movie. (And it's terribly obvious to the fans what the next movie is going to be about. Granted, it's a story I want to see, but I would have liked to be a little less certain.)

  • The plot was utterly predictable at every turn. It's a fun ride, but there isn't a lot of suspense.

  • More Kitty Pride! We still only got a little bit of Kitty. She's still my favorite character of the series.

  • In his one or two lines, Colossus didn't appear to have an accent. Yes, this matters to me: his Russianness is at least as important to the character as his armor.

  • Professor X winds up terminally uncool. He is so badly upstaged by Magneto that it's a wonder the whole team didn't walk off with the latter.

  • So they essentially burned the Jason Wyngarde plot in this movie; it got heavily rewritten, but it's still essentially Mastermind's Big Scene. While leaves me wondering what they're going to do next time. Well, it's good to have some uncertainty...


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