Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Connection troubles...

Okay, I'm looking for some ideas here, because I clearly don't understand quite what I'm doing.

We're trying to run some videos from msmemory's laptop to the TV system. (Watching Torchwood.) The video side was easy, once we realized that she has an S-Video output, which I could hook into the DVR. But the audio is being a hassle.

The only audio output from the computer is the headphone out. Okay -- I've got several headphone-to-RCA adaptor cables, so I used that to plug it in. Which works -- but it's got a persistent annoying hum, very much like an ungrounded turntable. It's not the cable doing it: I tried several cables, and they all have the same effect. It's not the DVR: plugging the same cables directly into the receiver has the same hum. And I don't *think* it's the computer, since plugging in real headphones doesn't seem to have the same effect. (Although I haven't conclusively ruled out that possibility yet.)

Am I missing something here? Is there something wrong with the idea of using such an adaptor to go from the computer to the A/V equipment? It's not preventing us from watching, but it's a bloody irritant...
Tags: technology

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