Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Mowing notes

Having mastered Mowing 101 last year, it's on to 201, getting the little details right. Class notes:

1: The advantage of the thinner grass on the front lawn is that the mower is a lot less likely to choke on it. Today, after the Storm of Great Ferocity and Note last night, I only had to stop and clear the discharge chute twice from the front lawn. (As opposed to doing the back lawn earlier this week, where simple dew was enough to force me to stop and clear about 20 times.) So if the lawn is getting away from me due to wet weather, do the front any time, and save the back for when it's actually dry.

2: Especially when the grass is a little thick, mow counter-clockwise. That way, the discharge chute is always facing outward, as I spiral into the middle of the lawn. This means it's not trying to spew the cuttings into the tall grass (which doesn't always work), and I'm not re-cutting the mowings along with the grass itself.
Tags: diary, mowing

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