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Dig, dig, dig...

Ah, yes -- the joys of a new job. You finish with the employment paperwork ("You haff papers, yes?"), get the computer installed (borrowing my spare good keyboard from home so I don't damage my hands before they buy me a good one), and then comes -- The Documentation. The wonderful challenge of trying to get up to speed on six months of spec and development in two days flat.

Okay, time to go teach Primero at Fenmere. A little gambling is always good for a headache...

(Don't get me wrong -- it's a good job, with good people and a cool project. But the first week is always hellish...)

-- Justin
Who has a button somewhere that says, "Not a morning person doesn't even begin to describe it." Today was clearly the day to dig it out. Who invented the concept of mornings, anyway?

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