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Justin du Coeur

Review: Babylon 5 -- The Lost Tales

We're deep in the midst of packing for Pennsic, so can't say much. But we managed to sneak in Lost Tales during dinner the past two nights, so here's a quick review.

It's nominally a single movie, but it's structured as two distinct episodes -- somewhat thematically linked, and following directly, but pretty separate. Both are very small in every respect: quiet little self-contained stories of half an hour or so, with 3-4 actors, a little bit of CGI and a few sets.

The first one stars Elizabeth Lochley, and -- well, to put it gently, it's not JMS' best work. It reminds me of nothing quite so much as a mediocre episode of The Outer Limits. It's possible that it's setup for a larger B5-universe story (that's *always* possible with JMS), but it mostly reminds one that JMS' forte is long-format rather than short. I could forgive the weak acting and direction, but the script is pretty bad, and that's where I usually expect strength.

Fortunately, the second feels a lot more like a real B5 story: the script is far more tied into the larger B5 arc, revealing some new twists and fitting in nicely. It's better-written, and it stars Sheridan and better yet Galen (He Who Always Gets The Good Lines -- it's one of those techno-mage powers). I wouldn't say that it ranks as one of the best B5 episodes, but I wouldn't put it with the worst, either.

So the second half basically saves the disc. I still can't push it as something that everyone should rush out and buy, but it's an interesting little coda for the B5 fan, full of oblique meta-references, including an unsubtle hint at the end that there could be more of these if this one does okay...
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