Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Impressions of Pennsic: Court, and Assisting ladysprite

I'll mix these two topics, since they're slightly intertwined.

One of the high points of Pennsic: ladysprite's expression rapidly going through surprise, slight chagrin at the fact that her campmates managed to surprise her, and then a quiet grin as she went into EK Court to receive her Manche. I always love to welcome new members into the Orders, but this time was really special.

Their Majesties of the Middle entering EK Court, for the purpose of presenting House Kellswood with the Order of the Purple Fretty (the Midrealm group service award) for their work with Pennsic archery. Well-deserved, and a classy presentation.

Their Majesties of Atlantia getting called in, and both of them receiving QoCs. It was a really heartfelt moment: TRM East clearly cared about this one a lot, and TRM Atlantia looked to be truly bowled over.

Master Philip Reed the Facetious' hat. My mantra about Peerages is that each one should have something Distinctive about it. In his case, it was a Cap of Maintenance that looks like nothing so much as a swan sitting on his head.

Having a music merchant listen to the dance CD I'd produced, and pronounce it "not too bad". One of ladysprite's projects for this Pennsic was to try out paper publishing for the first time, producing a little booklet of Four Dances From Caroso; I worked up a CD to accompany it, with those four dances plus (mostly because I could) Barriera. I finally got the synth working properly, so the results don't totally suck -- which, given that I'm far from a serious musician, leaves me with a great sense of satisfaction. (The merchant bought four copies of the booklet/CD pair.)

Applause at the end of the Barriera class that ladysprite and I tag-teamed on. There's nothing quite like the kick of teaching a fairly complex dance and having the students both enjoy and succeed at it...
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