Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Testing the Democrats

Okay, yes -- the theme song of the day is more or less, "Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead". While I'm not quite sure that Gonzales was actively evil, he certainly exemplified certain political trends that I despise, and I'll shed no tears over his departure.

That said, the really interesting question is, "What next?". I'll be really interested to see who the White House nominates, and how the Democrats react. In particular, the issue I most care about is not any of the traditional party-line ones, but instead what I see as the exemplar issue of the modern neo-Conservative movement: Executive Privilege. It's the reason I specifically didn't want Harriet Myers, and Gonzales lived right down to my expectations about her.

The current Administration has had a fascist streak that I find downright disturbing, and some politicians are just loving it. (There's a posting brewing on why I think the Conservative South kinda likes Giuliani, and what this says about the new meaning of "Conservative", but that's for another day.) I want this trend squashed hard, and this is going to be a linchpin moment. The Administration is presumably going to want another toady who will back up the President's right to act like a king. I damned well expect a responsible Congress to reject any such candidate, but I have no real confidence that the current one will do so. How this plays out will determine a lot of my attitude towards the next election season, in that it says whether the current Democrats have the discipline and sense to insist on a decent compromise candidate...
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