Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Some good deeds *do* get rewarded

So we are *still* unpacking from our move -- or, more precisely, we're dealing with the crap that had been building up for decades in the old house, and which we don't want to leave sitting in the new one.

One of those projects is The Great CBG Cut-Up. I had subscribed to the Comics Buyer's Guide for a number of years, and We being an Us, had never thrown any of them out. And let me tell you, ten years of a 100-page weekly tabloid takes up quite a bit of volume. So I've been slowly going through them and slicing them up, keeping just the articles that I really care about and chucking the rest.

In the course of this, I happened across the original interview that the_resa gave, back when her comic book Wandering Star was the best thing being published. Knowing that she'd lost a great deal in a flood some while back, I checked with her and confirmed that she didn't have a copy of the article. So I put that in an envelope and sent it off to her, since it was clearly the correct destiny for that particular bit of newsprint.

Well, today the envelope came back in the mail, containing not the article, but an original piece of art from her. It's simply gorgeous, and in color even! (It's the first time I've seen her work in color -- her comics are all inked black and white.) The development of the piece can be seen on her website, although honestly it looks much nicer up-close. I'm thoroughly tickled: it's one of the best presents I've gotten in some time, a piece of real Art.

Time to go find a frame of the right dimensions. It's one of the prettiest pieces we have, and is clearly going up on the wall ASAP...
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