Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Another step into suburbia...

[Happy birthday to baron_saturday!]

I never really thought we'd do it. But today, we finally set up the sprinkler.

One of our explicit goals when buying this house was "no competitive lawn maintenance" -- a neighborhood full of perfectly manicured lawns was more or less automatically eliminated, because we weren't willing to put that sort of work in to keep up with the neighbors. And so far we've continued to like this property, despite having a *lot* more lawn than we had originally intended. (We've been enjoying the garden parties, but they were more a happy accident than what we had planned on.) A little mowing isn't a headache, and I haven't really had to do more than that, since the neighborhood seems to have a level of "nice, but not necessarily perfect".

But man -- it's really bad now. No one seems to be using the word "drought", but the whole property looks like October at this point, and the lawn's half-dead. I've scarcely had to mow since before Pennsic. For much of the summer we couldn't do anything about that, since Burlington was under a full water ban, but that got lifted to half-time a little while ago.

So out goes the new hose and sprinkler. I don't plan on making this a regular occurrance, but until we start getting rain again, I think it's necessary in order to keep the whole property from dying...
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