Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Warren Littlebrains may be gone, but his legacy lives on...

It's amazing, really. There are times that I think that NBC's corporate motto, enshrined in a hidden panel's in the president's office, is "Thou Shalt Not Get It".

The latest rumor (which fits what facts I know) is that NBC has pulled out of iTunes, because they didn't like the price structure -- NBC wants to be able to charge $4.99 per episode for downloading their shows. I'm pretty appalled. Granted, that's about as much as HBO charges for DVDs of *their* best shows. But NBC has missed two salients facts: (1) they're not selling DVDs, and (2) none of their shows are anywhere near as good as HBO's best. (Sorry: I do love Heroes, but Rome's just a better show.)

So -- let's see what folks think. Poll time! This is intended for people who watch at least a modest amount of TV.

Poll #1052480 Is NBC strangling the goose that lays the golden eggs again?

Would you download an episode of a show you really liked, if the price was $1.99?


Would you download an episode of a show you really liked, if the price was $4.99?


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