Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Yet Another Google Tool

Google continues to quietly roll out their versions of everyone else's applications. And while their product names aren't very imaginative, they do usually get the point across. Today's example is Google Shared Stuff. It's more or less a dumbed-down version of del.icio.us: at the moment, all it allows you to do is create your page of "shared stuff" -- basically, links.

It doesn't do much yet: it doesn't even appear to have tags, which I think of as the most primitive feature of such systems. OTOH, it *does* have social networking right out of the gate -- it shows you the Shared Stuff of people you know. That, in turn, is rather interesting: my best guess is that "people you know" means your address book, which implies that they are mining the address book for social-networking purposes. Also, they provide a front end for the other major link-sharing services, as well as making it easy to mail links to friends on Google. And I assume that, in usual Google fashion, they will gradually add more features to the thing until it actually becomes useful.

Anyway, I've put in one link, just to try it out (the tutorial for the Oz language, since I had the page sitting around). I encourage friends to play with it, so I can see what it is like to see other peoples' Stuff...
Tags: technology

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