Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Any day is improved by a bit more fur

After two years of talking about it, today we finally went out and picked up a pair of kittens from the Northeast Animal Shelter. They're both black cats, a brother and a sister, and they're both immensely cute. The shelter even picked names that might stick this time: they're not as obviously wrong as "Bob" and "Lancelot" were.

Jedi is a hunter-kitty, and reminds me enormously of Merlin: he's an explorer, and very friendly -- in the shelter, he climbed up msmemory's arm and onto her shoulder (the same as Merlin did with me). Jezebelle is very shy around people, but affectionate once you talk her into letting you pet her. Actually, both of them are still a bit skittish, but they're exploring the house instead of just cowering under the bed, so I think it'll be fine. (We just have to get them to stop running away when we approach.)

It really does cheer me up. Having cats around the house just makes it feel a bit more real...
Tags: cats, diary

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