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Howdy, all. My name is Justin du Coeur; I've got some titles, but don't use them often -- I tend to be slightly low-key both by inclination and persona. I've been in the Society for about 19 years now (scary), all of it in Carolingia.

My interests are eclectic, to say the least. My Laurel's nominally in dance, but I do more these days with period games, and a lot of cooking. I'm interested in practically all arts, although not especially good at most of them, especially the hard crafts. I have a long-term stated objective of eventually being at least mediocre in all SCA arts. (Which is more or less impossible, but that's what makes it a good long-term goal.)

I don't have any big-name official jobs these days, but am the Ace of the Low Company of Gamesters and Gamblers (the semi-official gaming "guild" of Carolingia), which basically means that I teach games to anyone who will listen. I'm dancing a lot again nowadays, doing both our weekly dance practice (on Wednesdays) and Accademia della Danza (the dance study group, on Tuesdays). I'm Borough Liaison and/or Deputy Seneschal locally, which basically means that I'm the person who is there to help out the college students deal with questions or problems.

On the larger stage, I've run the Rolls Ethereal (the SCA online phone book) since Time Immemorial, and I'm one of the people at the SCA Questions Desk, the semi-official helpline. I created The Letter of Dance (the SCA dance newsletter), and currently run The Medieval and Renaissance Games Homepage. I was the founding Secretary of the Grand Council of the Society (the Board think-tank), but haven't been involved in that for quite a while.

I'm a member of House Silverwing ("Philosophers To the Crown Since a Long Time Ago"), and am married to Mistress Caitlin Davies (aka msmemory), who is the institutional memory of the East Kingdom. I have two current apprenti: Nora Stewart (who is returning to activity after Life got in the way for a while, and whose principal interest is shaping up to be equestrian stuff), and Gwen ap Madyn (who is relatively new, but has much the same sort of diffuse enthusiasm for Cool Stuff that I have). As of last weekend, msmemory has just taken tpau on as her protege.

Outside the SCA, I'm a computer geek (shock, surprise), and play in a bunch of other activities, particularly Freemasonry, LARP and SF Fandom.

Enough braindump for now. Thanks for creating this list...

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