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Okay, I'm officially sick of being sick...

And BTW, if you'll pardon a brief health whine, this cold can hie itself from my body already. I expected to lose both days of the weekend to it, but so far I've wound up working from home for the first two days of the week, and I *still* feel like crap. By this point, any self-respecting rhinovirus should have long since moved into the sounds-like-death-warmed-over-but-isn't-really-that-bad hacking-cough stage. But this one is still being quite "productive", and my head still feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls, despite msmemory having to sign away her life and identity to obtain me some 12-hour Sudafed.

Bleah. I say unto thee, Bleah! I didn't mind losing this weekend to it, but I had damned well better be feeling better for Falling Leaves...
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