Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The harder lessons begin to catch on...

Of all the lessons ladysprite taught us about the cats, probably the toughest one was about People Food -- that it generally isn't good for them, and we shouldn't be allowing them to have it. We were pretty bad about this with the boys: Merlin, in particular, was constantly getting into our food, and we found it very difficult to change that. He was super-persistent, and tended to wear us down eventually.

So this time around, we're trying to get it right from the beginning: the cats don't get people food, period, full stop. Fortunately, doing it from the start seems to be helping a lot. Jedi (who takes after Merlin quite a bit) started out trying hard to get at our food, especially when I had a bagel -- that pound of lox in the fridge was clearly meant for him and him alone. And the first time, it was really difficult: I think I had to put him off my lap about twenty times during that first bagel. But he seems to be getting the clue: today, for the first time, he *didn't* try to go after my lunch at all. He made a token effort to go after msmemory's pasta, but quickly gave up and went to play with his sister.

With any luck, after a few months of being disciplined about it, we'll stop having to argue about it. Knock on wood, the trend is going well...
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