Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Heraldry and Uniform

Huh. I just noticed that sports team uniforms (I'm looking at football today, but I think it probably applies across the board) tend to follow the period heraldic color schemes pretty closely. More or less the same colors, in the same combinations and proportions. The most-used colors in sports uniforms are pretty much the same as those in heraldry (red, blue, black, gold, white). The less-used colors (mainly green and purple) are pretty much the same. And a few edge cases (such as orange) seem to be unusual in both. And there is a strong tendency to combine one color and one metal on the uniform.

I don't know how the exact statistics match up, but anecdotally the proportions seem pretty close. It would seem to indicate that there are some universals about human color perception, at least in combative environments where identifying sides quickly is important...
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