Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

"One Question" meme

Okay, this is one I have some respect for -- in general, the games that require some thought are always more interesting to me. And while I'm *always* happy to answer questions (heck, it's one of my favorite pastimes), the point has been made that the invitation is useful.

So: ask me a question of any sort, and I will endeavor to answer it truthfully and completely (within reason). All questions and answers are screened, so only you and I can see them. (NB: msmemory and I do share the email account that the questions will get mailed to, but they generally get filed into my personal folder.) Particularly personal questions may get answered by email, on the theory that I don't trust LJ *that* much.

(Non-sequiteur: Jez has discovered the concept of the cursor, and decided that it is prey. Hopefully these LCD screens are sturdy...)
Tags: memes

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