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Tired, tired, tired. So very tired.

Partly, this is because of The Cough. This is the low-budget but long-running sequel to The Cold, which ended its stellar run a week or so ago. The Cough isn't all that impressive, but just plain physically tiring over the course of time.

Partly, this is because of kittens who haven't yet learned enough English to understand, "Yes, you're incredibly cute, and you have a purr that compares favorably with the volume of a 747. But you really need to lie down and let me sleep now, instead of walking back and forth across my chest."

Mostly, however, it is due to procrastination.

I have a number of bad habits, but arguably the worst is procrastination. I'm quite even-handed about it: I put off my own personal priorities as badly as or worse than other peoples'. Which is the problem in this case.

Quite Some Time Ago, my dentist told me that she wanted all my wisdom teeth out, because they were all in danger of getting impacted. Having been through that particular agony once before, I quite agreed, took the reference for the surgeon, and proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it. Until last night, where I woke up at about 3am thinking, "Uh, oh -- that feels rather familiar".

Mind, I'm not in agonizing pain. Yet. At this point, it's still basically at the water-torture stage of just twinging gently every couple of minutes. During the day, when I'm doing something productive, I'm not even particularly noticing it. But at night, when there is nothing but my own breathing, two cats very quietly stalking the place, and that teeny throb, it's bloody irritating.

Needless to say, the consult with the oral surgeon has been scheduled, so now it's just a race against time. If I'm lucky, it'll stay an annoying but mild twinge until it comes out. But I know from experience that it can go from "Hmm -- ought to get that looked at" to "OMG -- someone please amputate my head!" in the space of an hour.

So if I seem rather spacey in the near future, please forgive: even by my pathetic standards, I'm underslept. And if I appear to be *really* cranky, it probably means that I've lost that particular race, and I'm just trying to bear it until it comes out...
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