Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

You can take the geek out of the computer room, but...

So yesterday's main activity (out of the six or so main options we had on offer) was the Lochleven A&S Day. We went and learned how to do fingerloop braiding, which was entirely new to me. Quite a lot of fun, easier than I had expected, and delightful in a kinetic-activity kind of way -- I'll have to get some floss for use during Court. No idea what I'll use the results for, but the activity itself is pleasant enough to be worth finding excuses.

However, it does say something about me that my reaction, about halfway through the instructions for the first pattern, was, "Ah, *now* I get it! I'm exchanging the right index finger and the left pinky, using my thumb as a buffer register! Okay, that makes sense..."
Tags: diary

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