Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Doomed to a new addiction

The latest addition to the Burlington Mall is looking to cost me a fair amount of money. They've just added Teavana, an expensive, fairly upscale tea chain.

I've never been a serious tea connoisseur, but this may well suck me in -- while the place isn't any better than Tealuxe and such, it's now far too convenient to ignore. So far, we're gotten two varieties, and they're both big wins. For my workday mornings, I picked up a tin of a delightful Lapsang Suchong: just the kind of dark smoky flavor that I so love, and strong enough that it should be enjoyed straight. Meanwhile, msmemory picked up a 50/50 blend of Mate Vana and Rooibos Chai that they pushed at us. It's a perfect cold-weekend starter: with the right amount of good sugar, it's almost like a highly-caffeinated cup of cocoa, with just the right blend of flavor, sweet and strength.

Given my fondness for novelty, the success of our first two experiments, and the fact that they sell something like eighty varieties of tea there, I can hear my doom calling. But I expect to enjoy every moment of it -- especially given that coffee really isn't good for my stomach any more, a tea habit is probably worth encouraging...
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