Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, not being impressed by Mass High Tech

[Happy imminent birthday to ladysprite!]

It seems that someone pointed Mass High Tech, one of the local high-tech newsmagazines, at my journal entry about the end of Zingdom. (Anyone care to own up to it?) Which is okay -- a little publicity is never a bad thing -- but I have to wonder what the heck they thought they were reading. The article:
  • Calls me by my SCA name, not my mundane one (okay, a reasonable confusion, but in that case I wonder how they got to me -- did the unnamed source not tell them who they were looking at?);

  • Thinks I was the System Administrator (I was one of the System *Architects* -- the admin job was quite capably handled by Steve Dukas, and I have no damned idea *where* they got the idea that I was ever an admin);

  • Claims that my posting said that the company was down to a handful of people at the end (which it was, but I never actually said that anywhere);

  • Mixed up the Relay and Spark projects (a plausible misreading of Chris' post, but indicates that they weren't reading carefully).
I appreciate that they have a lot of news to cover, so they have to read quickly, but I have to say, I hope this isn't representative of their usual accuracy level...
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