Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Impressions of Sanibel: Saturday

Starting the Sitcom: Having the family together always produces moments of comedy. Today's -- well, one of Dad's guests, some time ago, had claimed that he'd managed to lock himself out on the lanai. We had always wondered how someone could do that -- and then came today. We had just finished moving all our stuff from E2 to D47, and Dad, msmemory and I had wandered out onto the porch to enjoy the afternoon. Sandy came out to join us, and closed the door behind her. Which was fine, until I tried to get back in.

So here we are, on a fourth-floor screen porch, locked out. All the members of the family who have keys to the unit are here. We realize that, in the future, we need to be prompter about investigating strange guest problems.

Fortunately, the lady from the cleaning service is still down in E2, and we have her cell number, so we call her up to rescue us. Dad and I spend the next fifteen minutes playing with the door, figuring out *how* you can lock yourself out. It's not easy to do, but we eventually reproduce the problem. Something to fix soon.

Biking through twilight: One of the delights of the island is biking around. The whole thing is flat, and covered in bike paths, so we never bother to get a car. msmemory and I decide that we want a few staples in C36 (the unit we wound up in), so we bike on over to Bailey's, the local general store. It's about a mile down Tarpon Bay Road, right through the middle of the nature preserve. Lovely and bucolic -- no noise except for the occasional passing car, thick brush all around us, and the sky slowly turning pink above us. You just can't hold onto stress in such a place.
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