Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Christmas on the Island is just Different; or, Santa Claus Run

Frosty the MightyWhile we were out and about on Monday, we began to notice that, as at home, Sanibel is prone to lots of inflated statues of Santa and friends. But y'know -- it's just different in this setting. Whether you're talking about Santa being pulled by dolphins, or a parrot perched next to a stocking, the juxtapositions are truly curious to my cold-and-snow-minded brain.

Since it was already Christmas Eve, and we didn't know how long everything would be up, I grabbed msmemory's camera and did a high-speed ride down Periwinkle Way (the main drag of Sanibel), taking snaps of the fun. So click on Frosty the Mighty to see The Silly Santas of Sanibel...
Tags: sanibel 07, vacation

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