Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

12th Night

That was a delightful event -- just what I was hoping for all around.

If you haven't heard the news, Edward Grey received his belt today. That was the main focus of the day for us, and for all of Lochleven -- everyone had been frantically prepping for ages, and now it all came off.

The day started with a slightly chaotic setting up of the vigil, in a couple of linked pavilions outside the school -- blessedly, the weather moderated to the point where it was no longer insanely cold. After much discussion, we got the whole thing set up quite elegantly, with a front pavilion as a waiting area and the back one for Edward to receive guests, all full of rugs and sheepskins to make the whole quite comfortable.

The afternoon was a bit quieter, with the usual 12th Night schmoozing, and an exceptionally pleasant and interesting Pelican meeting. I'm impressed with Their Highnesses -- running those meetings is not as easy as it looks, and they did a good job.

Court was good for Lochleven. Colin received the Queen's Order of Courtesy, and Valdr was inducted into the Order of the Tigers Combatant. Edward was the last item of business, and we were both involved -- I got to herald the procession in, and msmemory spoke for the Pelicans. It was a solemn but joyful ceremony, and couldn't happen to a more deserving soul.

We decided to stay for dinner, and were quite glad for that. The cook (Lady Alejandra Maria de Granada) was a first-timer, but did a *very* good job: three well-designed courses, tasty, hot and AFAICT period. By the end, we were reduced to trying to decide if we could stuff in another teaspoon of the couscous. (And eventually declaring defeat.) I commend her work: I would happily eat another feast she organizes.

Overall, a fine way to start our SCA year...
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