Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Obama and the youth vote

One of the effects that may happen (that I actually hope will happen in the coming weeks):

Say that Obama wins in NH. Say that (as in Iowa) he is apparently pushed over the top by the young first-time voters. What's the effect?

If Obama is smart, he plays that to the hilt. The youth vote is traditionally one of those great hopes that doesn't quite play out. Everyone wants to marshal that force, and get them to the polls, but success is rare. Everyone tells them, "You can make the difference", but many remain disaffected, and convinced that they don't really count.

But what if Obama can say, "You *did* make the difference"? That's intriguingly different: it's a very empowering message. Played right, it could turn into -- well, if not a tidal wave, then at least enough of a swell to win the primary...
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