Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Network Solutions demonstrates, once and for all, that they are evil

Important note for those in the Internet biz: Network Solutions is now tracking any name you search on, *and immediately registering that name out from under you*. Basically, if you search for a domain name at their site, they will steal the domain so that you have no choice but to register it with them if you want it immediately.

Far as I'm concerned, this goes beyond unethical, to downright despicable. If you're still using their services for anything, I encourage moving elsewhere. A company that pulls these kinds of underhanded tactics isn't to be trusted for anything...

ETA: Ars Technica has a more nuanced article on the subject, including Network Solutions' side. I'm still not impressed: this is, at *best*, an incredibly ham-handed solution to a real problem, and at worst post-hoc rationalization...
Tags: technology

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