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The ups and downs

On the plus side, Jez has now had her stitches out. The trip to the vet was quick and uneventful, and I can stop worrying about them getting torn open by her and Jedi wrestling when I'm not looking.

On the minus side, I am now in the doghouse. She's learned that the cat carrier means "vet", and she does *not* like going to the vet. I made the mistake of putting the carrier on the table before starting, and she instantly got wary. The result was 20 minutes of fairly traumatic wrangling to catch her (she is *very* talented at evading capture when she's paying attention), which neither of us enjoyed at all. So I believe I am now officially Evil: she's staying well-hidden ever since getting home, and won't allow me within three feet. (Usually msmemory deals with it, and she has far superior Cat Fu than I, but the timing didn't work out today.)

Intellectually, I know that she'll probably get over it eventually: it's not the first time that she's gotten skittish, and she's moderately social by nature. But it's decidedly unfun in the meantime -- I'm very fond of her, and feeling horribly guilty for having to put her through that...
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