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I ought to write up a diary entry on Birka before I forget bits. So: the high points:

Because, y'know, this is Birka, so Loot is officially the centerpiece --

I didn't actually *intend* to buy much -- indeed, my thought in the morning was, "Well, I'll take a pass through the merchants, but there isn't much I need." Which may be true, but I had an utter failure of self-control. Didn't buy anything completely useless, but got a lot more than I intended, including:
  • Several games from Salamallah via Galen -- Kales (kind of like period bowling), Oblong Chess (a pleasantly goofy period variant), and Satur-ankam (yet another Indian racing game, since Things Indian have been popular lately);

  • Also from Galen, somebody's pamphlet on Tarot Games (keeping up with what others are teaching), and a Treehouse Xeno stash (mostly because it's a bunch of pyramids in colors I don't yet have);

  • A blue poofy shirt, to go with all my poofy shirts in other colors;

  • A green belt, so that I'm prepared should it become relevant again;

  • An arming cap, to replace the beautiful and period one that I bought from Klaus that sadly doesn't fit under my current helm (it's in rich purple, perfectly matching my favorite flat cap);

  • The book "Tak V Bowes Departed" from Poison Pen Press, and six different colors of string (more on this below).
So overall, rather more of a haul than I had planned.

Court was pleasant: as others have mentioned, there were a bunch of awards to Carolingians, including hugh_mannity, rising_moon, baronessv and Quinn (who probably has an LJ, but I don't know it). Having been reminded by msmemory that I always wish I had handwork for court, I decided to try something new out: trying my hand at fingerloop braiding. I was introduced to this at Lochleven A&S Day a little while ago, and found it fun, so with my new book and string I passed a fine couple of hours. I had just enough time to get through a short piece of the first pattern in the book: it's not going to win any awards, but I'm pleased anyway. I'm going to have to figure out some kind of prosthetic hands to take it up during court, though, so I don't lose my place when I have to go up with the Orders.

My only real complaint about the day was that there was a bit too much to do, so I never got down to the A&S display, nor (more to my annoyance) to the EK History one. But I did send one person down to it, and it looked like mikekn got some interesting people to talk to.

We had dinner both nights in the hotel restaurant, which is unremarkable but quite decent. The second night, we wound up seating with a lady who had travelled up from Rusted Woodlands and was on her own -- we had a fine, wide-ranging conversation about everything from arts to RenFaires. (She got pulled into the SCA from the Faire side of things a couple of years ago, and has dived in headfirst. Since she is interested in dancing, I encouraged her to come up for Black Rose.)

I was quite pleased by the dancing, which is being remarkably successful -- it was almost as large as Black Rose this year.

As with Arisia, I brought the new toy (the OLPC) with me for Web browsing in the evenings. That struck out completely at Arisia, but James Turner (bless him) told me to update the OS, and that seems to have dealt with the network connectivity problems. And having installed Opera on the thing, I now have a rather nice, very light, super-cheap laptop for travel. Its only weakness is that it is *so* high-res that I have to zoom Opera in if I want to be able to read anything. But overall, it makes me happy.

So overall, a fine weekend. Birkacon remains the strangest event in the East, but always fun...
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