Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Ron Paul on tech issues

And while we're going through this morning's TechCrunch, I see that they finally managed to get an interview with Ron Paul. It's quite interesting, and I'm pleased to read it: he comes across as really pretty decent and sensible. He's definitely a bit of a libertarian extremist (he explicitly says, "I want to be very consistent", which I personally don't agree with as a political approach), but also decently thoughtful -- when confronted by the complexity of, say, network neutrality, he admits that the problem is complex and he doesn't understand it well enough yet. Would that more politicians were willing to say, "I don't know enough about that yet".

Overall, he strikes me as a fairly reasonable if slightly tunnel-visioned guy, who may be in a tad over his head. Someone who would be very interesting to have a salon conversation with. For president? Probably better than many of the alternatives, although a little too over-confidently libertarian for my taste. (Keep in mind I'm judging just from his own words in this interview -- this isn't any deeper an opinion than that.)
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