Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Our children are dangerously talented

[Happy (belated) birthday to osewalrus!]

A month or two ago, one of the guys brought a handful of Slim Jims to poker night. They went onto The Table of Snackery (along with 95k other snacks that have accumulated there), and I promptly forgot about them.

I just found a wrapper on the floor. Neatly gnawed open at one end, and empty.

Really, I'm impressed -- those sealed plastic doodads aren't trivial to open even if you do have opposable thumbs, and sucking the meat stick out of the wrapper takes real skill. But I think they need to go into a sealed container -- Slim Jims aren't exactly on the approved kitty food list. (Heck, they're not even particularly on the approved human food list...)
Tags: cats

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