Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

My weekend at Intercon

[Cross-posted to interconlarp]

Ought to get this in before I start forgetting...

On Friday evening, I played Mohammed the bartender (from "Mohammed's Radio") in Desperadoes Under the Eaves, the Warren Zevon game. The game was great fun, even if I did accidentally sentence the world to horror and perdition at the end. (The bad guys simply did too good a job of lying to me.) And it had the side-benefit of getting me to listen to a broader array of Zevon music, and discover that he has a lot of stuff that I like far more than "Werewolves of London".

Saturday morning I slept in, and wound spending a late breakfast being regaled by Brandon with an account of how his Arthurian game worked. Very intriguing stuff, with a bunch of good ideas I need to steal adapt for some of my games.

Saturday afternoon was Skid Row. I played Ned Kent the reporter, which gave me an excuse to poke my nose into everybody else's business. I don't know if I really succeeded in my goal of breaking a major story (I got my one good opportunity at the very end of the game, and didn't get around to checking with the GM whether it was good enough), but generally had a good time. There's nothing quite like tagging along with a busload of bums attacking a brahmin mansion.

Saturday evening I was The Guy At Ops. And thence over to the dance party, which as always was one of the highlights of my con. (Cheesecake and Lady Marmalade: the makings of a perfect evening.)

Sunday morning was Purging Purgatory, which was a blast -- one of the best Horde games to date. I played a whole bunch of Horde characters:
  • Ugh the Caveman Lawyer ("Me go Yale. Inducted into Skull and Bones. Good old-fashioned values.")

  • Tom Graves, the older version of vortexofchaos' character ("I'm him... uh, he's me... uh, we're us. Oh, you get the idea.")

  • Merlin ("Arthur, you're going to get us all into trouble again!" as we all raced headlong into Hell)

  • Bill Gates ("Wait, what do you mean you're sending me to Heaven? There are no opportunities for advancement in Heaven!")

  • Swiper the Fox (there's nothing quite like getting to swipe the Angel Gabriel's horn)

  • and finally the Pastafarian at the end ("'Ey, mon -- 'ave you been touched by 'is Noodly Appendage?")
And finally, I was The Guy Behind the Raffle Table, as usual. For once, I won one of the things I really wanted (the cool Nerf guns donated by Mythical Journeys).

Overall, a delightful time. My compliments to the concom and GMs for doing a fine job all around...
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