Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The darker stories

*Sigh*. I just occurred to me that the CommYou story list didn't yet have "As a sysadmin, I can ban specific users." I can probably put that off while I'm in alpha, but by the time I get to an open beta I'm going to have to have all of those abuse-management tools in place. Sucketh most mightily -- I always prefer to believe the best in people -- but it's a certainty that I'm going to need efficient ways to boot spammers and other abusers out of the system.

(The design is fairly spam-resistant by nature, but since Facebook has some open groups, spam is certainly possible. Indeed, this reminds me that I need to add the stories for automated abuser-detection -- for instance, if someone is getting a high percentage of "ignore this user" requests in public groups, that's a red flag.)

I'll bet that there are a whole bunch of abuse-centric stories that I haven't thought of yet, which will become apparent once the system grows beyond a friendly initial few thousand users. I'll need to allocate some time to shove those stories in and deal with them fast as people think up abuse vectors. Not my favorite part of the project, but necessary if I really intend to have a million users.

Hmm. I bet I should create a CommYouCrackers group upfront, while it's still in alpha: a closed group of folks who are actively encouraged to mess with the system and come up with ways to break it *before* the blackhats do. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in playing with? I have enough devious clever friends that we really ought to be able to beat this thing into submission before the bad guys find the back doors...
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