Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

How to get the door slammed in your face

Dear door-to-door salesman,

If you had led off with, "I'm with Verizon, and was wondering if you'd be willing to consider our FiOS service," I probably would have declined for now but done so politely and taken your literature. We haven't ruled the possibility out, so this was a fine opportunity for you.

But when you instead start with "I'm doing a survey of Verizon customers, and wanted to check how you like your fiber-optic line", and then claim to be shocked -- *shocked* -- that I have Comcast service when Verizon is so much better, and *surely* I should upgrade, you don't deserve politeness. I don't like liars when they waste my time on the phone, and even less in person. Even being charitable in my assumptions, you're *both* doing a survey and selling the service -- but you're still using the survey as a sales tactic that I find unsavory. And trying to keep up the canned hard-sell after I say "no" goes from "loses" to "loses big". Buh-bye...
Tags: diary

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