Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Star Trek story I've been waiting for all my life

Slight exaggeration, but not a huge one, really.

The latest Previews (the comics-ordering catalogue) included a new comic from IDW. The title is "Star Trek Second Stage -- Assignment: Earth". For a lot of us who grew up on the original series, this is pretty intriguing. Yes, it's the continuing adventures of Gary Seven in the 20th Century (and beyond -- the book supposedly moves at a clip of one year per issue). I think I'm far from the only one who has always wished that the Assignment: Earth TV series had seen the light of day.

Of course, the possible downside is that it's written by John Byrne, who is, to say the least, hit-and-miss. His most obvious flaw is that he has a tendency to completely ignore anybody else's continuity in favor of his own muse, which often gets him in trouble when he's on established stories. However, on a remote spinoff like this, that's not as much of a big concern. (He probably won't pick up on Lightfleet, but I never really expected to see that in anything authorized.) More seriously, he's not the hottest dialogue writer around, which may prove unfortunate.

OTOH, he's pretty imaginative, and has a good sense of the strange, so I'm curious enough to pick this one up. We'll see how it is...
Tags: comics, star trek

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