Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


Okay, this meme appeals a little too much to pass up, silly though it is. Here's my resume in SCA geek code:

SCA GEEK CODE. Version YF0305. >>
HF-ii AS+iii { BG+iv BC+i BR+o CG+iv CD-i CM-i DE+iii\+iv DI+iii\+iv GM+iv PO-i TP-i WC-i } SR+iii { AU' CL DM' KW' TE }
AR-i RA-i\+o CK+ii HD+i HS-i { C F L } MR-ii UN+i
A+i HW-i/+i G-i P.1603/+ii
EX.xviii/+iii TR-i/-i EN+ii HH-i FM+o MP+o NT+i WB+i <<

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