Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sometimes, chicken soup *is* the answer

[Happy birthday to liamstliam!]

I'm coming off what appears to have been a mild case of food poisoning. (Which I suspect came from the vanilla-almond Odwalla protein drink they were giving samples of at Costco on Saturday, although I can't be sure of that. Sadly, it wasn't even tasty, which might have made it feel like there was *some* value in the experience.) I was able to eat, but didn't much want to, especially after my esophagal sphincter decided that this was a good excuse to wander off to Tahiti for the weekend.

Anyway, after working my way up to buttered noodles yesterday, today is still a cautious food day. Fortunately, we turn out to have a couple of cans of Campbell's Chicken and Stars in the pantry. Kind of terrible stuff, really, and *insanely* over-salted, but that's probably a good thing under the circumstances -- I suspect that part of why I was feeling terrible yesterday was too much plain water, without any salt to help retain it. So I'm simply ignoring the week's worth of sodium in the can, and enjoying it as a guilty pleasure, with the nice soft pasta stars making the soup into a kind of salty bubble tea.

With any luck I'll be feeling better by tomorrow -- it's the Social Media Breakfast in Cambridge, my first good opportunity to network about CommYou outside of my friends...
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