Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Many Questions

Okay, this is a fun time-waster while I'm waiting for other people to get their fixes checked in and compiled:

1. Are you an innie or an outie?

2. Have you ever worn bell-bottoms?
Not to my recollection. In High School I was enough of a nerd that I basically wore whatever my mother bought me. And mostly, she bought me horrible polyester slacks.

3. Have you ever written a song?
Do filks count? I've written a number of those.

4. Can you make change for a dollar right now?
Always. The Tumor that I wear on my hip all the time always has at least a couple of dollars in change in it.

(When it gets to weigh about five pounds, I empty it back down to a modest amount of change again. I've got an enormous pretzel jar next to my dresser, full of the resulting change. Someday I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with it.)

5. Have you ever been in the opposite sex's public toilet?
Actually, I'm not sure I have. Of course, the ladies' room is traditionally reputed to be more crowded than the men's.

6. Have you ever smelled your own feet?
Only when it turns out to be a bad idea to do so.

7. Do you like catsup on or beside your fries?
Actually, I don't like it at all. It's odd. I like spaghetti sauce. I like BBQ sauce. I use ketchup as an ingredient in other things. But I don't like it as a condiment.

However, I am quite fond of BBQ sauce on the side. When I'm having ribs, I always order extra sauce, specifically for dipping the fries into.

8. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
Hmm. No. (Skills to aspire to.)

9. Have you ever been a boy/girl scout?

10. Have you ever broken a mirror?
Sure, although never dramatically.

11. Have you ever put your tongue on a frozen pole?
No, that was never my style of dumb experiments.

12. What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who lie to themselves.

13. Do you slurp your drink after it's gone?
If there was ice in the glass, yeah, I frequently do. (If it was a glass of water, I'll often continue to suck at the glass for an hour afterwards, as the ice melts.)

14. Have you ever blown bubbles in your milk?
Does milk have another purpose?

15. Would you rather eat a Big Mac or a Whopper?
Bleah. Neither. I'm a burger purist -- I don't care for ketchup or mustard or pickles on them. So those piled-high burgers aren't my speed. (Plain bacon cheeseburgers all the way.)

16. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
A few times, mostly in an SCA-related context. Before that, I was simply too shy.

17. When you are at the grocery store, do you ask for paper or plastic?
Plastic. The bags are easier to keep cached around (stuffed in coat pockets and such) and then reused.

(We used to always get paper, to use for the newspaper recycling and cat litter. But we concluded that it was actually easier and more effective to just buy paper bags especially for that purpose, and otherwise reuse and recycle plastic.)

18. True or False: You would rather eat steak than pizza.
Usually false -- pizza is my default food. But I do have carnivorous moods.

19. Did you have a baby blanket?
Hmm. No idea, actually.

20. Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?
No, it's never been quite long enough for that to be a rational thing to try. (But I don't think anyone other than msmemory has cut it in the past 15 years.)

21. Have you ever sleepwalked?
Aside from stumbling downstairs half-asleep to write entries in bouncing (as last night), no.

22. Have you ever had a birthday party at McDonalds?
As keshwyn said, "Ew."

23. Can you flip your eye-lids up?
Never occurred to me to try...

24. Are you double jointed?

25. If you could be any age, what age would you be?
Hmm. If I could keep my current mental state, probably early 20s, when I was physically at my best. But I wouldn't want to go back there emotionally.

26. Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair?
No. Bright blue pen ink, yes, but not gum.

27. Have you ever thrown up after a roller coaster ride?
No -- having grown up reading in cars and small airplanes, I'm rarely susceptible to any sort of motion sickness.

28. What is your dream car?
Probably something like my Dad's -- a high-end Lexus with all the toys. (A big enough engine to be fun, but conservative-looking enough to not be cop bait.)

29. What is your favorite cartoon of all time?
Very hard choice. I think I'd have to go with Animaniacs, with Futurama a close second.

30. Would you go swimming in shallow waters where, one year earlier, a shark had attacked a child?
Yes. In general, I tend to make my decisions very consciously based on my intellectual understanding of the odds. It might make me nervous, but it wouldn't keep me away.

32. Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit?

33. If you were in a car sinking in a lake, what would you do first?
I have to agree with the previous answers: unbuckle the seat belt.

34. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Yes, when I got my concussion in high school. (When you wake up and they ask you the president's name, and you're off by two, you get a quick ride to the hospital.)

35. Can you pick something up with your toes?
Small items, yes.

36. How many remote controls do you have in your house?
Christ, I think we have something like eight sometimes just on the table between msmemory and me. Let's see:
-- Cable box
-- VCRs 1, 2, and 3 (all separate remotes)
-- DVD player
-- TV
-- Receiver
-- Air conditioner
Not all actually live on that table all the time -- some live next to the VCRs, since they're mainly used for programming. And there are one or two more yet, like the remote to my dance boombox...

37. Have you ever fallen asleep in school?
Not quite, although my 9am PoliSci class freshman year was sometimes tough, and my 9am Anthro class senior year even worse.

38. How many times have you flown in an airplane in the last year?
Just twice, I believe, to Florida and back. (Although that involved four airplanes.)

39. How many foreign countries have you visited?
Canada, Mexico (very briefly), England, Scotland, France.

40. If you were out of shape, would you compete in a triathlon if you were somehow guaranteed to win a big, gaudy medal?
No, that seems pretty pointless. The purpose of doing something like that is mainly to prove I can do it, not to win something. IMO.

41. Would you rather be rich and unhappy, or poor and happy?
Given that choice, poor and happy.

42. If you fell into quicksand, would you try to swim or try to float?
Realistically? Probably try to swim, and sink.

44. Do you ask for directions when you are lost?
Sometimes, although the guy genes do get in the way.

45. Have you ever had a Mexican jumping bean?
Yes, actually, although it was many years ago.

46. Are you more like Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland?
Alice -- wandering through the world, constantly a little amazed by it.

47. Would you rather have an ant farm with no ants or a box of crayons with broken points?
The crayons -- it's easier to sharpen the points than to go collect the ants.

48. Do you prefer light or dark bread?
Depends on for what. Just for plain eating with a little butter (or for a good pastrami sandwich), dark. Otherwise, light.

49. Do you prefer scrambled or fried eggs?
Fried. (Sometimes sunny-side down, sometimes up, depending on whim.)

50. Have you ever been in a car that ran out of gas?
Oh, yes. On Storrow Drive in downtown Boston. On my first date with msmemory. At 3am. In garb.

(People tend to react to this story with, "You just happened to run out of gas on your first date? Yeah, sure." But if I was going to do it deliberately, downtown Boston wasn't the place I would have picked...)

51. Do you talk in your sleep?
Dunno. Probably.

52. Would you rather shovel snow or mow the lawn?
Rock and a hard place. Probably shovel snow -- I get more feeling of satisfaction when it's done.

53. Would you rather be bitten by a poisonous snake or constricted by a python?
Probably the python, but I dunno. I think I'd like to use a lifeline and consult ladysprite on this one.

54. Have you ever played in the rain?
What else is rain for?

(We've discovered that rainy summer days are among the best times to be at amusement parks. Everyone else goes and huddles in the shops, leaving all the rides for us.)

55. Which of these do you think is more dangerous: an angry bear or a hungry white shark?
Probably the bear, but I'll refrain from experimenting.

56. Would you climb a very high tree to save a kitten?
Realistically, probably not. I keep my acrophobia under tight control, but "very high tree" would probably give me a panic attack.

57. Can you tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?
Aside from reading keshwyn's answer, no.

58. Do you drink pepsi or coke?
Used to be a Pepsi drinker in high school, switched over to Coke in college. Really, though, I drink very, very little soda these days. I prefer to save my calories for more worthwhile pastimes, and I find all diet sodas except for Fresca to be icky.

59. What's your favorite number?

60. If you were a car, would you be an SUV or a sports car?
I'd prefer to be a sports car. I'd probably really be a sedan.

61. Have you ever accidentally taken something from a hotel?
Accidentally? Probably not.

62. Would you blow your nose at the dinner table?
If necessary, yes.

63. Have you ever slipped in the bathtub?
Many times, although I don't think I've ever really hurt myself doing so.

64. Do you use regular or deodorant soap?
Liquid, actually. We both have a fondness for Neutrogena Rainbath, and it's our default bath "soap" at home. Doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky, which all non-glycerine bar soaps do.

65. Have you ever locked yourself out of the house?
Once or twice. I'm paranoid about it.

66. Would you rather make your living as a singing cowboy or as one of the Simpsons voices?
Oh, a Simpsons voice, definitely.

67. If you could invite any movie star to your home for dinner, who would it be?
I hate these questions, because I always suspect that the stars are nothing like their public personae.

I'll say Johnny Depp, just because I suspect he has a lot of interesting stories. (God knows he takes all the strangest roles.)

68. Have you ever gotten a truck driver to honk his horn?
Individually, no. But I've been part of Pennsic.

69. Which would you rather live with: a huge nose or crossed eyes?
The nose, I think.

70. Would you hang out with someone your best friend didn't like?
Have done so -- during some of college, my two closest friends couldn't stand each other. (No particular reason, it was just one of those oil-and-water personality things.)

71. Would you hang out with someone your best friend liked, but you didn't like?
Possibly for shortish periods of time.

72. Have you ever returned a gift?
Actually, I don't think I have. Although we've once or twice given them away again. (Hey, we're in Eastern Star. There are only so many lovely pen-and-pencil sets you can use.)

73. Would you give someone else a gift that had been given to you?
See above.

74. If you could attend an Olympic Event, what would it be?
Rhythmic gymnastics. It just looks like fun.

75. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Own? Probably about twelve. Actually wear? Probably half that many. (Main shoes, sandals, SCA boots, dance slippers, sneakers, hiking boots, half-boots.)

76. If your grandmother gave you a gift that you already have, would you tell her?
Probably not.

77. Do you sing in the car?
Loudly and frequently, although if there are other passengers I only sing along with the stereo.

78. Would you rather jump into a dumpster or into a vat of honey?
Honey, mmm. (Although this might get back to the quicksand question.)

79. What is your favorite breed of dog?
Anything that wasn't too loud. Hey, I'm a cat person.

80. Would you donate money to feed starving animals in the winter?
Probably. I'm unpredictable in my donations -- I tend to donate to assorted charities when I have the money handy, the cause seems good and the charity reputable. It's very whimsical.

81. If you were a bicycle, would you be a stingray or a mountain bike?
False dichotomy. Touring bike.

82. What is your least favorite fruit?
Least favorite. Hmm. Probably one of those obscure South American things.

83. What kind of fruit have you never had?
See above.

84. If you won a $5,000 shopping spree to any store, which store would you pick?
I'm torn between an electronic gadets store (for a kickass TV), and a kitchen appliance store.

85. What brand sports apparel do you wear the most?
Brand? Brands are silly...

86. Are/were you a good student?
Depends entirely on the topic. When I'm having fun, yes.

87. Among your friends, who could you arm wrestle and beat?
Probably my lady. Beyond that, I dunno.

88. If you had to choose, what branch of the military would you be in?
Probably Navy, but that's solely because I'm fond of JAG.

89. Would you ever parachute out of a plane?
See previous comments about heights. Probably, but I'd need to spend a month prepping my nerves. (Or do it so spur-of-the-moment that I didn't have time to be scared.)

90. What do you think is your best feature?
My face in general -- I think I'm relatively expressive.

91. If you were to win a grammy, what kind of music would it be for?
Something noisy and kicky. Could be rock, could be loud folk.

92. What is your favorite season?
Autumn. Specifically, October.

93. How many members do you have in your immediate family?
At this point? Let's see:
Three parents, plus one in-law.
Three siblings (including steps).
One grandparent.
Six aunts/uncles.
Five cousins (including one adopted).
I think that covers everyone I actually see more than once every few years.

94. Which of the five senses is most important to you?
Very difficult, but probably sight.

95. Would you be a more successful painter or singer?
Singer. I can't draw a clean line to save my life.

96. How many years will/did you end up going to college?

97. Have you ever had surgery?
Not meaningfully. (Not counting little stuff like stiches.)

98. Would you rather be a professional figure skater or professional football player?
Figure skater. I wish I could be that graceful.

99. What do you like to collect?
Way too many things. Comics first and foremost. CDs and records. Books. Videotapes and DVDs. Have collected coins and stamps, but really it's the media that we mostly tend to wind up collecting nowadays...

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