Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, so maybe I am actually a little ill

It underscores the fact that I don't have children, that it didn't occur to me until today that, y'know, food poisoning doesn't usually last four days, but stomach bugs sometimes do. I gave a quick call to the doctor's office, and the receptionist pointed out that, oh yes, this sounds a lot like what both she and her son had last week.


Oh, well -- looks like it's for the best that we cancelled Accademia last night, as I probably shouldn't be in public quite yet. My thanks to bess for taking over Dance Practice on short notice: while it would probably be vaguely amusing trying to learn from me in my current spacey state, I don't think anybody wants to catch this. (Hopefully I didn't give it to anybody yesterday morning: I'm now wincing at the memory of all those hearty handshakes.)

And on the bright side, I no longer feel nearly so guilty about not being as productive as I might wish at work this week. Not that my slavedriver of a boss is going to give me any days off, mind, but at least he'll be understanding about me just working on nice easy bug-fixes, instead of the more brain-intensive rework of the database schema...
Tags: diary

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