Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Not exactly what people want to hear

This one's been bugging me for a few days, so let's get it off my chest.

One of the notions that's been floating around the airwaves recently has been the power of the brokered Democratic convention. It appears that Clinton's surrogates have been sotto voce pointing out that not only are the superdelegates allowed to vote however they like (despite their previous statements of backing a particular candidate), so are the "pledged" delegates under the right circumstances. I was particularly struck by a minute or two of interview I caught with the candidate herself -- when asked about this point-blank, she launched into a discussion of how the system really works, and that yes, this is more or less true.

The thing is, regardless of whether the point is true, and regardless of whether it's a good idea or not, I can only describe the response as Kerry-esque in the very worst sense: it shows a lack of good political sense that is *breathtaking*. I mean, this isn't just some random election: this is post-2000 Democrats. This is a group that, by and large, still feels that the Presidency was stolen from them by fiddled voting. Since 2000, I've perceived a considerable increase in the number of Democrats who want to dump the electoral college entirely, and let the popular vote rule. And you're pointing out publically that the convention could override both the popular *and* delegate votes if it so chose? For heaven's sake, at least start off by pointing out that it's a last-choice option for when things are really deadlocked.

Honestly, it's so politically tone-deaf I'm kinda shocked. Having started as a Hillary supporter a year ago, and still having been fairly sympathetic towards her even after I decided that I respect Obama more, I'm starting to conclude that she just isn't *politically* competent for the job. Knowing what to say, when, to whom is a very important part of the Presidency, just as it is for any figurehead position. I can see that she's engaging in desperate political maneuvers here, trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat, but you don't piss off the party core while doing so...
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