Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Note to Self: get coding standards right *first*

Getting things building in Ant has proven pleasantly straightforward. But now that I'm deploying to Tomcat, I *finally* discover that I've been inconsistent in my case usage. The app-level tier is all in the "com.CommYou" package, whereas the middle tier is more correctly in "com.commyou". I must have made the mistake early on in development, and Eclipse has happily made it easy to just keep replicating the error without really noticing it. But the inconsistent usage trips things up when it all gets stuffed into a WAR file.

*Sigh*. So today's project is fixing this mess, and getting the packages right. Once again, I am reminded that IDEs are useful but dangerous -- once you make it an error, they make it quite easy to just keep making the same error over and over again...
Tags: programming

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