Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

CFL colors

And while I'm consulting with the Uni-Mind:

Compact fluorescents are getting steadily better. In particular, the new ones seem to turn on a good deal faster than the previous generation did, which alleviates one of our big annoyances with them. But the other is still there: we just plain don't love the colors.

Yes, it's a somewhat irrational bias. But the fact is, we grew up used to incandescents. We think of indoor light as having that slightly yellow-creamy color of traditional Soft White bulbs, and we *like* that. So it's disappointing that we haven't yet found a CFL that mimics that at all well. There's been a lot of movement towards "daylight" or "full-spectrum" CFLs, but we find those much too white in many circumstances. The color feels harsh and over-bright, and frankly looks terrible in some of our rooms: places that felt warm before come out really cold in the whiter light.

So here's a question: has anyone come across a good CFL that is both quick-starting and has that old-fashioned tone? It would be a fine thing for peace at home. (I would like to up our CFL usage, but msmemory cares about the color even more than I do...)

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