Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Getting past the phobia

For many, many years any sounds of water in or around the house made me twitch. This can be traced back to a very specific trauma: Hurricane Bob, many years ago, blew off a substantial fraction of the roof of our old house without our noticing it. Until, that is, it started raining the next day, right through the house. I spent several very bad days running up and down into the attic, rearranging buckets, trash cans, cups and anything else that could staunch the flow while we poor naive house owners tried to figure out how one arranges for a new roof.

(This was only exacerbated by the tendency of the pipes in the back of the house to explode if we got three consecutive days of sub-freezing weather. More than once I woke up bolt upright in bed, heart pounding, when I realized that the water was running full blast for no apparent reason.)

Anyway, it's taken some time to start to trust the new house, but it's coming gradually. Right now I'm sitting in the great room as waves of white noise come from the ceiling. And I'm finally getting to the point where that's kinda soothing, actually...
Tags: diary

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