Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

CommYou 0.1.3 Released

This release was mainly focused on fixing particularly obvious bugs:

* Fixed Bug 89: If someone managed to create a Conversation with no content, it caused things to choke at load time. It now tolerates the bad data, although shows it up in a Big Ugly Way so that we remember to prevent this situation from arising in the first place.

* Fixed Bug 70: The menus were sensitive to both mouseover and click, and that was producing weird and confusing interactions. Removed the mouseover bit, so menus just click in and out, pretty much as you usually expect. Note that you may need to clear your browser cache to pick this up: it's in a subscript, and Firefox is sometimes bad about detecting changes in those.

* Fixed "Bug" 62: The Summary View now auto-refreshes whenever you switch to it. This is usually what you want, so it picks up anything new as soon as you look there.

* Fixed Bugs 41 and 87: When you either made several responses in a conversation or opened the old compressed responses, the OverText (the grey text over the input area that tells you to type here) was getting misplaced. It now gets repositioned properly in both those cases.

* Fixed Bug 82: ctrl-n was opening a new window *and* going to Next Conversation. Tweaked so that "n" only goes to Next if alt, meta and control aren't pressed.

* Story 441: Unignore is now properly implemented. If you have ignored a conversation, you can unignore it from either the Summary or Details Views, and it will start to show up when you Read New again.

* Workaround for Bug 77: conversation slide-in looks *bad* in IE7 -- it causes the scrollbars to go all wonky. So disabled that for now. It might come back after the CSS refit happens.

* Story 487: Added support for Google Analytics. This shouldn't have any user-visible effect, but please tell me if you see anything weird happening.

* Added the CommYou Discuss community. Everyone has access to this, and it is turned on by default. Whereas CommYou News is intended as a low-volume group for me to publish relevant news, CommYou Discuss is a place for anyone to suggest features, report bugs, and generally talk about the system. If you don't want to follow that, feel free to turn it off from Settings > Who You're Reading.

* Fixed Bug 53: when you hide or show a friend or community via Who You're Reading, the relevant conversations appear and disappear appropriately. (Note that, if you hide something, your reading state for their conversations will be lost. If we decide that this is a serious problem, we can fix that later.)
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