Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Memorial Day Party

We've been talking this up, but getting the word out a little more widely --

When: Memorial Day proper (Monday the 26th), from 2ish until 8ish
What: A Cookout/Backyard Party/General Social Get-Together
Who: You! This is an open party for all of our friends, so y'all come by.
Where: Beautiful Crossert Manor.
Why: Because we haven't had a party in a while, and we'd like to have you over.


We'll be providing some basic grillables (hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken) and soda. You are welcome to bring things to go with, but don't feel compelled: we are mainly seeking your company. I'll probably fire up the grill sometime mid-afternoon, and keep it running for several hours.

We have some lawn games (bocce and croquet are likely to come out), but feel free to bring other things to do. In case of rain, the party will still happen, but obviously we'll have to focus on indoor games and activities instead of outdoor ones.

The house contains two cats; those who are allergic should take note. (This will presumably mainly be an issue in case of rain.) Also, the house is very much *not* child-proofed -- there are many ways for kids to hurt themselves, and a lot of breakable stuff. So any children inside must be closely supervised.

If you know that you're definitely coming, drop us a note so we have some idea of how much food to lay in. If you don't know until five minutes beforehand, though, come anyway: us being us (and Carolingia being Carolingia), we will likely have three times as much food as we need. Folks coming home from weekend events are specifically invited to stop by and relax on the way.

Hope to see you there!
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